Jaz in the City

The stage is set for 100 percent lifestyle! In November 2015, we launched an exciting new concept in Amsterdam: Jaz in the City—young, urban, and in close proximity to the pulsating life of the city. Jaz in the City combines design, music, and enjoyment to deliver a sweeping and complete performance. The second Jaz hotel opened in Stuttgart in January 2018. In 2020 follows the Jaz Vienna in the Austrian capital.


Trendy, hip and relaxed.

Jaz reflects the lifestyle of the city and draws on the local music and cultural scene. Whether it’s spontaneous DJ sessions, regular gigs, or turntables in the hotel lobby, Jaz brings the artists and their work to the hotel. The hotel itself becomes a stage—and the stay an event. Jaz is stylish. Jaz is the pulse. Jaz inspires.


A cult concept.

Jaz in the City offers more: cool and modern room design, perfect service, and the latest trends in the local food and drinks scene. The technology is also up to date. For example, guests can use a smartphone app to check in or out. And in the conference area, all systems can be operated via a touch control panel. The special Jaz mix provides a unique atmos­phere and unforgettable moments. We warmly invite you: to be astonished, to relax, and to enjoy.

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Jaz in the City – local street credibility at its best! Spontaneous, hip and always in tune with the unadulterated beat of the city.
Hasan Yigit, Vice President Jaz in the City