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Our common goal: your career trajectory

The Steigenberger Academy has been one of Germany’s leading hotel management schools since 1948. The Academy was already part of Deutsche Hospitality in the past – from 1972 to 2011. As of 2022, we are writing a new chapter in our common history.

We are passionate about the hotel industry, and everything connected with travel and enjoyment. It is with this same passion that we want to prepare trainees and students for a successful career in the hotel industry and open the doors of our brand world to them.

Have you already gained a foothold in the hotel industry? With a wide range of advanced training programs, the Steigenberger Academy offers you an opportunity to take your career to the next level – or even embark on a completely new pathway in our industry.

Apprenticeships & Trainee Programs

Train to become a chef, restaurant expert, hotel industry expert or management assistant for the hotel industry.

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Certified Service Assistant (m/f/d)

This one-year training program allows you to gain initial experience in the hotel and restaurant trade.

You will be offered insight into the following occupations.

  • Chef
  • Hotel Industry Specialist
  • Restaurant Specialist
  • Specialist for System Catering

Hotel and Tourism Management Assistant (m/f/d)

Get to know the practical, commercial, and organizational tasks in the hotel and tourism industry! This three-year training program prepares you for your career in hotel businesses, gastronomy, or event agencies.

Hotel Economist (m/f/d)

Theory meets practice in this three-year training program aimed at future hotel managers. You will acquire valuable knowledge in the fields of management, marketing, hotel organization and foreign languages. A practical placement of one year will permit you to consolidate your theoretical skills and enter a middle-management role.  

Top-up degrees

Upgrade your existing qualifications. The Academy has joined forces with the International University of Applied Sciences (IU) to offer two top-up degree level programs.

Hotel Management (BA)

Would you like to manage hotel operations effectively across all departments and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience? This BA course in Hotel Management will bring you up to speed so that you can tackle any challenge you may be confronted with in day-to-day business.   

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Tourism Management (BA)

Are you looking for something more? A wide range of hugely diverse career options is available to tourism managers. This BA program in Tourism Management is an ideal way to discover the opportunities available to you.

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Continuing and advanced training

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State certified Hotel Business Economist (m/f/d)

This two-year program teaches you the skillsets you need for top positions at high-end hotels. It is also ideal for anyone looking to start up their own business. Hone your professional profile by adding specialist business administration skills, specific sectoral knowledge, and foreign language abilities to your repertoire.

Master Professional in Business Management (m/f/d)

This in-service advanced training program leading to the qualification of Master Professional in Business Management will pave the way to an executive role in hotel management, tourism management or events management. You will acquire well-founded and detailed specialist knowledge focused towards the area in which you wish to work in future.

Trainer aptitude course

Pass on your knowledge to support up-and-coming young talent along their career pathway. Trainers form an interface between the company and the trainees themselves. Make a key contribution to the future sustainability of young company and help create a foundation for the skilled workers of the future.

Bachelor Professional in the hospitality industry (m/f/d)

Become an expert in the kitchen and restaurant and across the whole of the hotel. This full-time continuing training course extends over a period of 14 weeks and will prepare you for the “Bachelor Professional in the hospitality industry” examination conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Munich and Upper Bavaria. Successful completion of this qualification will enable to to progress to senior positions in the restaurant and hotel sectors.

Online continuing training courses

Give your professional prospects a boost! Our certificates cover relevant competences which are very much in demand nowadays in the hotel, tourism, and events industries. Increase your chances of advancement and expand your specialist knowledge.


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