MAXX by Steigenberger supports the environmental organisation Pacific Garbage Screening

€30,000 donation to help in the fight against plastic

As part of its environmental commitment, Deutsche Hospitality has handed over a cheque for €30,000 to the Pacific Garbage Screening organisation on behalf of the MAXX by Steigenberger brand. Pacific Garbage Screening was established at the end of 2016 and has been tackling the problem of plastic waste in the world’s oceans ever since.


The project was founded by the architect Marcella Hansch. “Our seas and oceans are the basis of all life on earth,” she explains. “We are causing destruction on an ongoing basis by dumping between eight and ten million tonnes of plastic in them very year.” According to the German Environment Agency, each person in the country was responsible for 220.5 kilos of packaging waste in 2016. In the absence of any solutions, the situation is continuing to exacerbate.


Marcella is now working with a 40-strong team in a bid to find an answer. They are planning to develop a specially constructed floating platform which will enable plastic particles to be filtered out of the water. Money and support are needed in order to drive this work forwards.


“This donation from Deutsche Hospitality has provided vital assistance by enabling us to extend the contract of one of our staff members,” Marcella went on. “We are still at the beginning of what will be a huge project and need all the help we can get.”


The money for the donation has been raised via the “Deutsche Hospitality 1x1” scheme, which donates €1 to charitable causes for every booking made via the group’s own websites. This source of funding has recently also contributed to the construction of a school in Enugu, Nigeria.


“Good news stories are the lifeblood of our hotels,” said Deutsche Hospitality CEO Thomas Willms. “Guests remember such things fondly, and this makes them want to come back. Marcella Hansch and Pacific Garbage Screening are telling us how we can combat one of our greatest environmental sins, the pollution of the seas and oceans. We are donating €30,000 to make this narrative a reality.”


At MAXX, the logo is not the only thing which is green. FSC and carbon neutrality are the minimum standard for all printed materials, and cosmetics have been awarded the “ECOCert” label. Shoe horns, combs and laundry bags are made of corn starch or biodegradable plastic. Lunch is packed in a paper bag which then goes on to serve a second purpose as an organic bin liner. 

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