Dear guests

The health and safety of our guests has been part of our service promise since the establishment of our hotel company, and their protection has been one of our fundamental principles for 90 years. We are aware of this great responsibility towards our guests as well as our associates and partners, and we live up to it every day. At the highest level. Especially now, this responsibility takes on a special additional meaning for us. 


The coronavirus (COVID-19) not only dominates the headlines, it affects us all. Today, we all have a shared responsibility to make our contribution to limiting this pandemic. For me, this goes far beyond entrepreneurial thinking and action. As Deutsche Hospitality, I feel that we have a duty to fulfil our social responsibility. No border, no government and no company can currently stop the virus. But we can make a contribution to ensuring that the virus spreads less quickly and that the health system remains functional. We make this contribution out of conviction and without compromise.


We have been consistently implementing measures in the areas of prevention, hygiene and protection since the beginning of the spread of the virus. In doing so, we rely on the recommendations of the international health authorities (WHO and CDC) and go even further if necessary. Each of our hotels is also in permanent contact with the responsible authorities and ready to implement further measures if necessary.


The coronavirus will continue to affect us and our lives for an indefinite period. Socially and economically, but above all personally. I wish you all the necessary prudence, but also confidence. In humanity, it was always the hard times that made us help each other. Let us do this especially here and now - for our loved ones and for the whole of society.


On behalf of all our associates, I would like to thank you for your confidence in our company. We will continue to do everything in our power to make our daily contribution. Today, tomorrow and in the future.


If you have any questions, our contact persons in our hotels will be happy to answer them at any time.



Take good care of yourself and stay with us.




Thomas Willms


CEO Deutsche Hospitality