Corporate Social Responsibility

Together we create a future worth living

By supporting social projects, we assume responsibility for maintaining and improving the livelihoods of present and future generations.

Deutsche Hospitality supports the construction of schools

Education is the key to a sustainable future. We want to contribute and promote the construction of schools in developing countries together with the Reiner Meutsch Stiftung Fly & Help. The aim is to give young people access to education. You can help us: for each reservation made on our website we will donate 1 EUR.

Reiner Meutsch, former managing director of the tour operator Berge & Meer, explains his commitment: “Many dream destinations do not offer the locals dreamlike conditions. I think it is particularly tragic when children do not have access to school education – and therefore no prospects.”

Laying the foundation stone on Sri Lanka in the village of Rambewa

One of the projects is being developed in Sri Lanka in the village of Rambewa and includes the construction of a preschool where 50 children aged three to five can be taught. According to local tradition, it is important that the foundation stone is laid at an auspicious time to guarantee blessings for the property, the project and the residents. This time is determined exactly to the minute from horoscopes and then communicated to the local temple. Then all participants are invited to the ceremony, where the Buddhist monks sing the religious “Gatha” while the foundation stones are being laid.

Sustainable development through clean drinking water

Until the end of 2017, we supported the construction of three drinking water plants in the Egyptian desert with the Deutsche Hospitality 1x1. The funding is completed and the plants will now be gradually completed. The project is being implemented by the climate protection organization atmosfair in cooperation with the American University of Cairo. The first plant was completed in the small town of El Kefah by the end of 2016. The two following plants are already under construction. These are self-sufficient and decentralized drinking water treatment plants. The innovative and award-winning “SunMeetsWater” technology completely filters heavy metals out of the water and disinfects it, so that the drinking water standards of the World Heritage Organization are even exceeded. The system does not require any external power supply or additional chemicals. Thanks to photovoltaic modules on the roof, it is energy self-sufficient and emission-free.

Fly & Help

Together with the Reiner Meutsch Stiftung Fly & Help, Deutsche Hospitality is supporting the construction of schools in developing countries with the “1x1” since the beginning of 2018. The aim is to give young people access to education.

With the “1x1”, Deutsche Hospitality allocates one euro per online booking via its own websites for donations. In addition, donation boxes for the benefit of Fly & Help are located in the foyers of all Intercity hotels.


Atmosfair gGmbH is a non-profit climate protection organization founded in 2004 with the main focus on travel. Atmosfair actively pursues climate protection, e.g. by offsetting greenhouse gases with renewable energies. The drinking water project in Egypt was developed by atmosfair on the initiative of the Deutsche Hospitality. Besides the conception and management of the project, atmosfair also conducts a study on the climate impact and other influences on the sustainable development of the facilities at each location.