One Team

Whether you are a manager or a trainee – in our culture of togetherness, everyone can and should make their contribution to our shared success. After all, our employees are the most important drivers of our company’s sustainable activities. That’s why we as an employer attach particular importance to personal development, equal opportunities, health, and the mobility of each and every individual. That way, we can continue to develop a corporate culture based on open-mindedness and reliability.

Employee well-being

The health and well-being of our employees is a top priority. That’s why we will implement a comprehensive health concept at a global level by 2024 to maintain and encourage a healthy workforce. Right now, we also hold health days for our employees each year to raise awareness about healthy behavior at work and at home. Currently, these only take place at our headquarters, but they will also be held in our locations across the EU from 2021 and globally from 2023.

Our goals

  • By 2024: Implementation of a health concept for our staff globally
  • From 2021: Health day in all leased and managed hotels in Europe, and from 2023 globally
  • From 2021: Change of purchasing criteria for furniture with regard to ergonomics for our employees
Staff mobility

Just like we do with our guests, we would also like to motivate our employees to switch to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. That’s why we have decided to broaden our mobility and travel policies, extend our job-bike scheme to locations outside Germany, and offer benefits for the use of local public transport, train travel, and car sharing. And it goes without saying that the e-charging stations at our sites are freely available to our employees, too.

Our goals

  • By 2023: Expansion of our job-bike scheme (already established in Germany since 2019) to include employees at other European locations
  • In 2021: Amendments to our mobility and travel policy to further reduce our CO2 emissions
  • From 2022: Increase in benefits to employees for using local public transport, train travel-, and car-sharing
Human rights and modern slavery

At Deutsche Hospitality, we assume responsibility for our own employees as well as for the employees of our upstream and downstream partner companies. To guarantee that human rights are observed and respected along our entire value chain, we will roll out a global supply-chain management system in 2021 with a focus on human rights. As a member of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, we will pay particular attention to the Principles on Forced Labour. Furthermore, our Business Partner Code of Conduct will apply to our business partners and suppliers from 2021. There are plans for training our workforce and partner companies on human rights issues so that our principles and requirements become firmly established in the long-term.

Our goals

  • In 2021: Training of our top management team on the topic of human rights and modern slavery
  • From 2022: Training of all employees on the topic of human rights and modern slavery
  • From 2022: Review of supply-chain management system with core suppliers
Diversity, integration, and equal opportunities

It is important for us to create a working environment characterized by diversity, integration, mutual appreciation and fairness. These policies are set out in our Code of Conduct, which applies across the company, and contribute to a culture of openness and tolerance in our interactions with each other. We continuously review this within our structures and processes and regularly train our employees to raise awareness about the topic of diversity.

Our goals

  • In 2021: Training of our top management team in diversity, integration-, and equal opportunities
  • From 2022: Training of all employees in diversity, integration-, and equal opportunities