New Chance

Social engagement has always been important to us, and it will become even more significant in the future. Thanks to our presence in locations around the world, we can and want to influence our social surroundings and help to shape life in the societies around us. We build ong-term partnerships and networks for this purpose. We also help our employees to become socially engaged, which increases the effectiveness of our activities

Dialogue with stakeholders

Thanks to their perspectives, actions and decisions, our stakeholders make a significant contribution to our corporate success. Our objective, therefore, is to build and maintain appreciative and constructive stakeholder relationships. Starting in 2021, we will launch a 360-degree feedback process to deepen the exchange of ideas and experiences with relevant stakeholder groups. Our objective is to receive an average rating of at least “good.”

Our goals

  • From 2021: Launch of a 360-degree feedback process with our most important stakeholders
  • From 2022: Implementation of an assessment framework for the 360-degree feedback process
Promoting social engagement

Our social-engagement activities are aimed at promoting education, culture-, and sport worldwide. Since 2014, we have been partners with the organization Fly & Help to boost access to education in the global south – and have been able to reach more than 1,500 young people by supporting the construction of six schools. From 2021, we will also provide financial assistance to the “Football Meets Culture project, which improves the educational opportunities of pupils in need of support in Germany. We are one of the project’s top three sponsors and are particularly focused on two locations in Frankfurt am Main.

Promoting integration

To create an inclusive and diverse working environment at our hotels and sites, we have set ourselves the goal of running at least five integration projects per year at a global level from 2023. To help us prepare for this objective, by 2022 we will have produced a framework of criteria for projects to train and employ people in special life situations.

Our goals

  • From 2022: Creation of a framework of criteria for projects to train and employ people in special life situations
  • From 2023: Carrying out at least five integration projects per year on a global level
Corporate volunteering

The voluntary work carried out by our employees in the regions around our hotels represents an important pillar of our social engagement. In 2019 alone, staff dedicated a total of 485 days of working time to social causes, working on 300 projects and raising more than 200,000 € in monetary donations and donations in kind. This represents a significant increase compared to previous years, where engagement levels were already high. Still, at Deutsche Hospitality, we would like to support our employees’ social commitment even further: we will introduce one social day per year at each hotel in the EU from 2021, and globally from 2023.

Our goals

  • From 2021: An annual social day at our European leased and managed hotels
  • From 2023: An annual social day at all our leased and managed hotels around the world