Green Meeting

With our Green Meeting concept, we provide a special service for our guests. The goal is to minimize the ecological impact of a meeting or event at every stage – from planning and implementation right up to the departure of the guests. The concept is based on prevention, reduction, and compensation measures, with each element complementing the other. At Green Meetings, we use power exclusively from renewable energy sources, provide conference equipment made of recycled and more sustainable materials, give preference to regional and seasonal food products, and offset unavoidable greenhouse-gas emissions by investing in certified climate-protection projects with our partner atmosfair.

Climate-friendly meetings

The focus of our Green Meeting concept is the protection of our climate. By meeting the energy requirements of our leased and managed hotels in Germany and Austria exclusively from green energy, already today we are avoiding significant emissions of greenhouse gases. Unavoidable emissions of climate-damaging gases are reduced to a minimum by means of complementary reduction and optimization measures. Any greenhouse-gas emissions remaining after this step are offset with our partner atmosfair. Their climate-protection projects are certified according to the CDM Gold Standard and not only offset greenhouse-gas emissions but also promote global sustainable development through technology transfers and poverty reduction.

Climate-friendly arrival and departure

Our Green Meeting concept encompasses not only the event itself, but also the participants’ transportation to and from the venue. At selected locations guests can charge their electric cars at e-charging stations with power from renewable resources. And we cooperate with German rail company Deutsche Bahn, offering the special “Veranstaltungsticket” (event ticket), allowing guests to travel in an environmentally friendly way to our hotels within Germany.

Regional, seasonal and certified food

We give preference to seasonal food from the local region in our catering for meeting participants. That saves natural resources like energy and water and has a positive impact on our climate footprint. A highlight of this approach is the “regional corner” of our breakfast buffets. Wherever possible at Green Meetings, we use tap water and offer it to participants still or sparkling. This has a positive impact on the climate as, depending on the system boundaries, we reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by up to half compared to providing bottled water. In addition, it is important to us that specific ecological and social standards are met in the production of the food. This is primarily ensured by means of certification. For example, all our coffee is certified fair trade and our meeting snacks are largely certified sustainable.

Recycled and more sustainable conference materials

With the Green Meeting concept we ensure the responsible and efficient use of natural resources. Our conference equipment is therefore made of recycled and renewable resources. To ensure that these resources can regrow (and are not being overexploited), we ensure the appropriate certification. For example, all our printed matter fulfills the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We furthermore make a contribution to the circular economy by offering conference equipment made of recycled materials. Examples are flipchart pens, which are made of 90 percent recycled plastic, as well as desk pads made of recycled leather.