Green Meeting

Sustainable. Ambitious. Professional.

Our Green Meeting concept makes an important contribution to ecological action

across all (planning) phases of an event. Hereby our sustainability concept is based on a permanent optimisation and improvement in all areas, select partnerships with certified partners and resource-saving action.

Energy efficiency and renewable energies

For a serious energy management, it is important to increase energy efficiency while reducing energy consumption. We reach this goal through:

  • state-of-the-art building control systems
  • automated energy monitoring systems
  • LED bulbs and motion detectors

Attention is paid to sustainability when purchasing our energy mix. We do this by:

  • using electricity from 100% renewable energy sources
  • buying electricity from certified energy sources
  • continuously improving our energy-related services according to ISO 50001
Conservation of resources and environmental protection

For the preservation of natural spaces and in the interest of cross-generational fairness, it is essential that we protect our natural resources. Our Green Meetings concept makes an important contribution to eco-friendly action across all (planning) stages of an event. We do this for example by:

  • using flipchart pencils made of recycled materials
  • using flipchart papers and blocks made of FSC® paper
  • Processing of solvent-free printing inks according to ISO 12647
  • reducing emissions, waste and wastewater
Regional and seasonal

A balanced and healthy diet is important to us. Our Green Meeting concept therefore stands for high quality and authentic food as well as short transport routes. We implement this by:

  • preferably serving regional and seasonal foods
  • preferably buying Fairtrade products
  • using specially prepared drinking water from specially designed reusable glass bottles
Climate protection and environmental awareness

We guarantee our guests a climate neutral event. The CO2 compensation of a conference can be officially confirmed by a certificate, upon request. Our supportive partners are:

  • atmoafair - in cooperation with our partner CO2 emissions are offset by UN-certified social climate protection projects
  • Deutsche Bahn with a CO2 neutral arrival and departure by using the event ticket