Green Services

We want to offer our guests services that are more and more sustainable. This will allow us to enhance our services locally, and also to improve our impact on the climate and society. Not only are we providing an impetus for more ecological travel but we are also looking at how we do things ourselves: for example, by rethinking packaging and taking specific action to increase sustainability in the area of food and beverages.

Consumable items

To minimize the negative impact of our consumable items on the environment, we will implement the principles of the circular economy in our internal structures and processes. Our aim is to achieve global implementation by 2024. We can already look back on some success, too. In Europe, for example, we will stop using coffee-to-go cups completely from 2021, and instead use a system for reusable cups with our partner RECUP and other local partners. In addition to waste prevention, our focus is to consistently use fewer non-substitutable resources. For instance, thanks to several initiatives to optimize guest items, we have reduced the amount of hard soap we use by 12.3 tonnes per year, while the use of larger containers for guest cosmetics is also saving 4 tonnes of plastic annually.

Our goals

  • By 2024: Global implementation of the principles of a circular economy
  • From 2021: Extension of the ban on disposable items
  • From 2021: Continuous increase in our rate of waste separation
Guest mobility

We want to increase awareness among our guests about the impact of their journey and give them the opportunity to arrive and depart in a more environmentally friendly way. From 2024, guests with electric cars will be able to access e-charging stations with an accompanying parking space and the corresponding infrastructure at our leased and managed hotels. And hotel guests in Germany can already travel to and from the hotel with the special “Veranstaltungsticket” (event ticket) from German rail company Deutsche Bahn – on long-distance and regional trains that use 100 percent green electricity. We aim to extend these special ticket prices for long-distance and regional transport along with free travel on local public transport to our hotels in the European Union (EU) by 2024.

Our goals

  • From 2024: E-charging stations for guests at our European leased and managed hotels with accompanying parking and corresponding infrastructure
  • By 2024: More specially priced tickets for long-distance and regional travel in the EU
Food and beverages

At our hotels and corporate headquarters, we aim to offer a range of food and beverages that is ecologically and socially responsible. Today, there are already certain products that we source only if they are certified as sustainable – and when it comes to the food and beverages we offer employees and guests, we give preference to regional and seasonal products. We also prefer to source particular products from the local region around our locations and sites. And since meat and fish have an above-average carbon footprint, we will increase the proportion of vegan and vegetarian dishes on our menus to at least 30 percent – by 2021 in the EU and by 2023 at global level. In keeping with the circular economy we are striving to achieve, we will also implement various measures to keep food waste to a minimum.

Our goals

  • By 2021 (EU) and 2023 (globally): Use of sustainable and Fairtrade-certified coffee, tea and cocoa in our leased and managed hotels around the world
  • From 2022: Purchase of fruit and vegetables from suppliers within a 250 km radius for leased and managed hotels in Europe
  • By 2021 (EU) and 2023 (globally): At least 30 percent vegan and vegetarian dishes in all food and beverage areas
Green Meeting

With our Green Meeting concept, we provide a special service for our guests. The goal is to minimize the ecological impact of a meeting or event at every stage – from planning and implementation right up to the departure of the guests. The concept is based on prevention, reduction-, and compensation measures, with each element complementing the other. At Green Meetings, already today we use power exclusively from renewable energy sources in our German and Austrian leased and managed hotels. By 2034 we will also achieve this globally for our leased and managed hotels. All Green Meeting hotels provide conference equipment made of recycled and more sustainable materials, give preference to regional and seasonal food products, and offset unavoidable greenhouse-gas emissions by investing in certified climate-protection projects with our partner atmosfair.

Here you can find more information about our Green Meeting concept.