Sustainability and responsibility start with the first step. What Deutsche Hospitality contributes

We put our global sustainability strategy into practice with specific steps and actions. All employees and managers are involved in this strategy, our buildings are increasingly being equipped with ecological considerations in mind.

These examples of social and ecological actions are a small part of our comprehensive portfolio, however, they are representative of the major commitment of each company area and every individual employee.

Green meeting

Our "Green Meeting" concept provides an important contribution to ecologically aware business – from the handling of guest arrivals to the realization of the meeting itself and beyond.

Every aspect of the event is designed according to…

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Water flow limiter

Clean water is an important and endangered resource for humanity. For this reason, Deutsche Hospitality strives to significantly reduce water consumption in its buildings and facilities.

The faucets on all of our sinks are fitted with aerators, which…

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Chlorine-Free and Reusable Paper

Even though talk of the paperless office has not been a futuristic idea for some time, demand for paper is still growing. Across the branches of Deutsche Hospitality, this demand first needs to be reduced – after that, it can be optimized…

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‘Lebenshilfe’ commitment

Staff at Deutsche Hospitality see themselves as part of a social community – one in which they assume individual responsibility and think outside of the box. For this reason, our staff commit their time to various social institutions. The…

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Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin Stuttgart in the Fight Against Leukemia

Many different people work together across the many Deutsche Hospitality locations. We use this diversity for the benefit of all. Recently, for example, over 30 employees at the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin Stuttgart worked with the bone marrow…

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Opportunities for refugees at the Steigenberger Hotel Bremen

The issue of refugees and the new rules of international coexistence are matters society is being forced to address, and the Deutsche Hospitality establishments wish to play their part too. The Steigenberger Hotel Bremen has recently initiated a…

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Profits from the Christmas tombola go to disadvantaged families in Vienna

In the establishments run by Deutsche Hospitality, social engagement starts with the smallest things. Hence the Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof donated the profits from the employee Christmas tombola to social work in the St. Rochus and Sebastian…

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Earth Hour at the Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurt-Langen

Earth Hour is an annual event in March intended as a reminder of the fact that climate protection is an issue that affects everyone. Cities turn their lights out for one hour – the darkness is a statement that promotes conscientious resource usage…

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Christmas tree full of children's wishes

The Christmas tree initiative makes children's eyes light up at Christmastime. Little ones can write down their wishes and hang them on a Christmas tree. Dedicated people pluck the wishes and make them come true to the best of their abilities. This…

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Sleeping arrangements for the families of young patients in Vienna

When children are in hospital, family members want to be close to them at all times - particularly if the illness is severe and the healing process long. The St. Anna Children's Hospital in Vienna does offer some sleeping arrangements for the…

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