We are ambassadors of a future worth living

Sustainability is lived out by all of Deutsche Hospitality's employees. We assume responsibility for future generations and attach importance to the development and education of today's generations – also internationally. Each individual is an ambassador of this clear idea and contributes through their actions to making our future worth living.

Vision & Mission

The sustainability program of Deutsche Hospitality has a clear maxim: Together our employees internalize sustainable improvements. We take responsibility for today's and future generations and continuously improve our ecological and social performance. International human and labour rights are observed without compromise and we are happy to clarify our goals, measures and improvements publicly.



Deutsche Hospitality follows UNESCO's request: "Think global, act local." We give responsibility to each individual employee to act sustainably and to be committed locally. In so doing, we work with specific directives and clear modes of operating which nevertheless offer plenty of room for taking personal responsibility. After all, we achieve the greatest degree of leverage if people do something with conviction. Our firmly established environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and the constant further training of our employees enables us to integrate a clear pattern into our decision-making in our daily work. Approved environmental officers at each site and company branch act as contacts and interfaces for our sustainability strategy.


The Environmental Management System (EMS)

Plan-Do-Check-Act: According to this proven pattern Deutsche Hospitality continually reviews its decisions and strategies and adapts them accordingly. In this way we are working on improving our sustainability program and laying the foundations for future important themes. We are setting out proven methods in a best-practice catalogue, and are thus steering the introduction and implementation of the sustainability strategy in all divisions of the company. This way, we ensure that the entire corporation can act in a standardized and purposeful way. Every division of Deutsche Hospitality appoints an official person to be the Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO). These individuals serve as role-models according to which the environmental management practiced in each establishment is oriented. The CRO is responsible for the implementation and further development of the Environmental Management System and involves all employees in it. He or she provides information and takes charge of the annual task forces that are obligatory for our employees. We are proud that in many areas of the company there are now active and independently engaged environmental groups that make a valuable contribution towards sustainable corporate development.

Rail inclusive tours (RIT)

Every event begins with the journey to it, and with the reduced-price event ticket (RIT) from Deutsche Bahn AG, this is made particularly comfortable and also CO2-neutral. This enables our guests to make an important contribution towards sustainability and allows them to start the meeting in a relaxed frame of mind as soon as they arrive. The employees of Deutsche Hospitality also use this ticket - both for work and in their personal lives. We see ourselves as an acting role-model for our sustainability concepts. Through this cooperation we likewise want to support the efforts of Deutsche Bahn to improve travel management for private and business trips over the long term. Rail travel takes the pressure off the road network and ultimately offers some advantages that benefit the environment first and foremost. In addition, guests traveling by train avoid traffic jams and delays due to heavy traffic. The RIT ticket applies to all trains operated by Deutsche Bahn and thus to all of the Deutsche Hospitality operations covered by the railway network. In addition, where there is no railway connection, you can plan your arrival and departure in accordance with your requirements. With this attractive inclusive offer you as conference organizer can offer your guests maximum freedom in their decision-making and at the same time ensure that all participants arrive at the event relaxed and rested.

More information

CO2 calculator

It is not enough simply to know what the consequences of one's own actions are. You also need to deal with the consequences. Reducing CO2 emissions for a climate-neutral event is one of the central pillars of the Green Meeting concept of Deutsche Hospitality. With the CO2 calculator from our partner Atmosfair, we can find out in advance of an event what emissions can be expected. After the meeting, these emissions are offset by Atmosfair. To make this possible, Deutsche Hospitality pays a specific amount to the partner for each flat conference fee. To help you inform your guests about this measure and cultivate an awareness for climate-neutral operation, where necessary we can issue a certificate that outlines the offsetting. This can either be presented directly at the meeting or can be sent to the relevant businesses by Deutsche Hospitality. By commissioning us to work in a climate-neutral way, you and your company are making a contribution to sustainable development. And this is something can demonstrate with the certificate. With the fee paid to Atmosfair, we support various projects run by our partner for offsetting global CO2 in developing countries. There, systems for renewable energies are being set up and comprehensive educational work is being carried out. The Atmosfair organization and all projects undergo regular checks by UN inspectors.

Conference fees

At Deutsche Hospitality, sustainability is taken into account in the little things too. Hence we provide for the entire event taking environmental aspects into account - without having to scrimp on service or technology as a result.

The drinks and refreshments menu includes seasonal products from the region wherever possible. In addition, many of our offerings are certified as organic and Fairtrade. Hence we are supporting global efforts for social equality and keeping delivery routes short. We maintain close contact with our suppliers in order to monitor adherence to the sustainability principles closely at all times. In the meeting rooms we serve micro-filtered drinking water, and you can choose between sparkling or still. German drinking water is among the most strictly controlled foods and boasts extremely high quality. Hence we also save on transport, waste and high costs. We select the equipment for the meeting in such a way that every detail of our (and your) ecological footprint is minimized. Our desk pads are made of recycled leather and natural rubber. The table mats are made from the same material. The paper for your notes and meeting documents comes from environmentally compatible, sustainable FSC forestry. Environmentally-friendly marker pens complement the flipcharts and moderator kits. All waste bins in the meeting rooms boast a three-compartment system for easy separation of recyclable materials. This way we ensure that disposal also functions seamlessly through our certified partners.

Green meeting

Climate neutral conferences and low-impact events: We are implementing this in an increasing number of buildings in the form of a Green Meeting concept.

Ventilation and pumping systems

All ventilation and pumping systems in our buildings are automatically controlled. This reduces our energy usage and the need for maintenance.

Switchover to LED

By using economical LED lamps in suitable locations, Deutsche Hospitality makes a huge contribution to energy conservation.


Instead of continuous lighting and the constant standby of all devices, we have opted for the targeted use of energy on demand.


We regularly check if the energy usage in our buildings guarantees an optimal heat yield, and then make adjustments accordingly.


Aerators reduce water usage per basin by up to 50 percent, while maintaining the same level of comfort.


With regard to paper material throughout the company, we only use sustainable raw materials, which are used as sparingly and efficiently as possible.


Our staff are the foundation of our sustainability strategy. We expand their knowledge and their skills with compulsory education and training.


Wind, water and solar power provide electricity for many of our company departments. We are continuously working on the expansion and broad conversion of our energy supply.


We use existing cellar space with optimum temperatures for cooling suitable products. This saves on equipment and operating costs.