Investor Relations

The Steigenberger Hotels Aktiengesellschaft, which is based in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, is the parent company of the Steigenberger Hotel Group and a 100% subsidiary of D.H. Deutsche Hospitality Limited, Limassol (Cyprus).

Deutsche Hospitality

at a glance

Sales revenue
723.9 2017
657.3 2016
in € million
employees 9721 2017
employees 7634 2016
Number of hotels 104 2017
Number of hotels 97 2016
Number of hotel rooms
21.592 2017
18.894 2016
Thanks to sound financial policies and continuous concentration of business policy on principles of transparency, loyalty and communication, Deutsche Hospitality is a highly attractive partner for our investors.
Matthias Heck, Chief Financial Officer
Shareholdings Steigenberger Hotels AG