Cultural Change As A Strategic Success Factor For Corporations

Hoteliers with passion

In a rapidly changing environment professionals are more connected and mobile than ever before; at the same time, they are more focussed on traditional values such as reliability, respect and mutual esteem. The future of the hotel business lies in our ability to unite opposites. Expectations with regard to technical excellence are coupled with the desire for well-being so that guests feel at home everywhere in the world and are happy to return to the hotel of their choice. To achieve this, a value based and well implemented culture is essential.


"An internationally growing company based on tradition." This is how Deutsche Hospitality has been positioning itself pooling Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts, MAXX by Steigenberger, Jaz in the City, IntercityHotel and Zleep Hotels under the umbrella brand. Two words link our roots with our international vision: Deutsche Hospitality is our response to the complex requirements of forward-looking hoteliering concepts.


Our umbrella brand clearly represents our commitment to corporate values. We wish to position ourselves as an international, dynamic brand family characterised by instantly recognisable features such as passion, perfection, caring, tradition and vision. This repositioning now demonstrates externally what we have achieved internally over the past few years. A change of corporate and leadership culture across the group and its holdings is aimed at positioning Deutsche Hospitality not only as an excellent host but also as an attractive employer inspiring its staff around the globe.


We are hoteliers by passion. This Whitepaper is intended to inform how a process of change can be successful. After almost five years, our exciting journey continues and our mission of bringing about change is a Work in Progress. However, our milestones are designed to motivate companies to embrace and initiate cultural change as strategic factor for success. Therefore, in the following pages we shall demonstrate, clearly and transparently, our approaches and experiences. We will also demonstrate how neglected values may be reinforced with new cohesion and vision. We will attempt to outline the transformation process as clearly as possible. We will describe why it can only be successful if it is supported and designed confidently and at all hierarchical levels for the process of change to be truly participatory.


With warm regards,


Management Board Steigenberger Hotels AG

Being aware of our great tradition we create new things
Social Trends And Their Impact On The Hotel Business

A new generation of travelers demands connectivity and possibilities for retreat, whereas the senior citizens are looking for maximum comfort. Only with a highly motivated staff, can hotels bridge the gap between scenic hotspot and comforting place to be.

Success Factor: "Culture" As Part Of The Corporate Strategy

How visions are turned into results: and how employees turn into a family fighting for the same goals.

Step By Step: The Process Of Transformation

Culture creates value. Company creates value cohesion. Anchoring both in the Company ensures competitiveness and viability – with this "strategy" being focused on the success factor ”employee”. Deutsche Hospitality demonstrates how corporate culture can be developed in practice. And how employees become hoteliers with passion.

Cultural Change As Mirrored In The Organisation

Employees and leadership teams agree: the new Deutsche Hospitality culture is characterised by enthusiasm, cohesion and esteem. Now it is important to embed the values even more deeply and to take further steps by creating a viable and economically prosperous industry leader.

Visible Change: Cultural Change In Numbers

Employer attractiveness, excellent leaders, comparable low staff turnover and sickness rates – these are the factors which are vital for the success of a company going forward. A look at the most recent history of Deutsche Hospitality shows the following: each individual division has benefited from culture change.

Propositions, Learnings, Things To Do

How did culture become the guiding spirit in Deutsche Hospitality?

Human Resources As Engine Of Organisational Development

In order for employees to be ready to provide the guests with a unique experience, an appreciative environment is required: and leaders that help them to develop within the Company.

Summary And Outlook

From theory to lived cultural change communication and transparency as well as the clear definition of additional goals are key steps for the transformation process to be sustainable.